To a new beginning

I've finally done it! The thought of starting a blog has often crossed by mind, but it took my husband to start one for me to realise it is less daunting than I perceived, however tech-unsavvy I may be.  So here it is - my own online photo album of memories. a diary to pen down thoughts and musings. a catalogue of days, events, places that i don't ever want to forget. a folder in which I can toss in anything that inspires me.

Perhaps I should have started earlier! I wish I had captured my thoughts right after Kyan and Luke were born. Or the incredible journeys we took in 2011 when John had his gardening leave - like our month long holiday in South America, to unforgettable places like Patagonia, the windswept Eolo Lodge in Calafate Argentina, the amazing calving San Valentin glacier in Laguna San Rafael, Rio, the Iguazu Falls, sailing through the Chilean fjords. To see how my thoughts and opinions have evolved over the years too, I feel quite a different person from the days I was in medical school, or before I had the boys.

But here we are now, and I hope this blog will inspire others while helping me to cherish the blessed moments in my own life.